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    Dear A:

    It’s been 8 years and this point we decide to part ways. I made the call, it should have been done long before. I just loved you so much, I knew you needed me I knew you didn’t have full family support. You had many very painful surgeries and you needed someone to care for you. You need to know how much of myself I have given you over these last 8 years. It was a different kind of love. It was a selfless love, I was faithful to you, and sadly you were not, your excuse was it was because I was in the mood. You weren’t meant for me anyone.

    Someday you will realize the worth of having someone by your side whether they can have sex or not, someday you will wish you had someone who gave a damn like I did, and someday you will see the value and love I had given you over these 8 years, you will finally understand what I was to you and how brightly you shined in my eyes. I gave you my life for eight years and you shit all over it. You took advantage of what you could, and gave when you had too. I am so disappointed in myself for Giving you the power to destroy me, and for allowing you to do so. I used to love to decorate, I used to love to keep a beautiful home, I used to feel worth something. Now,. you left me completely fucked up, I am scared to death to give myself to someone again in fear I will have to go through this pain.

    I’m not sure how you could even be who you are, I know you had a terrible childhood but god dam, you were down right nasty to me, and I allowed you to destroy me for 8 years. I will never forgive you for how you dismantled me. I will never forgive you for hurting me so carelessly. If you didn’t want to be a Monogamous, Hard working, Honorable, Man of your word, you should have warned me, before I loved you.

    I feel stronger now, I won’t let this happen to me again, if it kills me I won’t allow someone to take me from myself.

    You think we can be friends but you have hurt me horrifically, and I’m afraid that won’t happen.

    Take care of yourself, remember sex isn’t everything, someday you will treasure the comfort of having someone by your side.

    Horrifically sad and hurting

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