• Finally getting this off my chest.

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    Dear J-

    I have been thinking of ways to say this to your face, or just at any given time… this is so hard for me to say to you because it puts me in a vulnerable position. i have no idea what you’ll say back, but i hope it’s something like “i love you too” or “i have always liked you”. but i don’t want to get my hopes up, because if they fall down, then i won’t be strong anymore. i remember seeing you in the hallway and thinking to myself, i will eventually fall for this kid… i had no idea who you were but for some reason you were so cute to me. a year ago, we had classes together and became really good friends. both of us being social butterflies had almost the same friends and that made us get along really well. i can trust you with anything and i know you wouldnt go and tell the person next to you.

    this is what gets me.. you always flirt with me and act like you’re so interested in dating and getting married but in reality we all know that this is a game.. or is it? i am actually not sure myself. are you sure of what you’re doing? because no one is. im not trying to trash you here, but really, i dont get it. the last text you sent me was thanks cutie 😉 well.. now what do i say.. I REALLY LIKE YOU?! no, that would be weird. but i do. i really reallly reallllllllllly like you and it makes me sick to my stomach to know that you dont even know and that im too afraid to tell you. well that’s why i’m writing it here. i love you so much and it’s so hard.

    love always, your best friend.

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    1. Z
      November 23, 2011 at 8:41 am

      One of the first things I do when I look at a post is check who it’s to and who it’s from. I had a small panic attack when I read this. I’m a J, and my ex’s name is Samantha. But it’s plenty obvious that this isn’t for me. Go ahead and tell him. It’s not so often that you regret something you did. Your biggest regrets will be the things you didn’t do.



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