• Because of you, I can’t move on

    by  • November 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    Dear guy who truly broke my heart,

    It sucks that because of you I cannot move on, stop thinking about you, and can’t stop crying. I shouldn’t have given you as many chances as I did and I realize that.

    However, it is so hard to not give those chances. When you were on my side, I was at peace. My only fear was that you would move on. That fear came true with every second chance I gave you. Because of you, I conitne to put my gaurd up, even higher.

    There are times when I don’t think about you, and then you talk to me and I have to start all over again. How is that fair? You know damn well what you are doing to me, and you don’t care. I guess that is what hurts the most.

    You mess with my head. I have a boyfriend now and I still think about you. Please stop talking to me. As hard as it is, I know I will never look at you the same and it hurts too much to think about you. I want to give my boyfriend what you couldn’t give me. I refuse to hurt anyone as badly as you hurt me, because after two years of constant pain, I almost forgot what it means to be happy.

    I don’t wish anything on you and you don’t deserve to be miserable in life. My only wish for you is that you grow up and mature. How you acted was immature and hopefully you will see that. Maybe one day you will realize how much you continue to hurt me, but I am not holding my breathe.

    From, a broken heart

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