• You Won

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    You Won!

    You got him and ruined everything we had. You cheated on another girl knowing what it was like to get cheated on. You have no morals and no self confidence. I hope that you feel accomplished for getting a man better yet boy that is willing to cheat on his girlfriend. I have every right to be mad at him and none really to be pissed at you other than you think that what you did was cool and good. Well, there you go. You can have him. I don’t want that piece of shit anyway. I’m not going to fight you for him, so the satifactory looks can stop any day now. Oh and if you think that he will change for you, you are sadly mistaken. Have fun with your nights of no sleeping worrying about who he is texting or who is with when you can’t be with him because I’m going to be living life. If I were you I would drop his ass but as we both know you too much of an idiot since this would be the 7th time you have taken him back after he cheated on you.. I’d be proud to have a boy like that if I were you.

    The Smart Girl

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