• You deserve me

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    Can I promise you something?
    I promise I would never lie to you about how I feel.
    When we get in these little arguement you always say “You are to good to me. I don’t deserve someone like you.”
    But the truth is, I have never met a guy who treats me like you do. You might not throw away money on fancy dinners or movies, but you make me happier than any other person I have been with.
    There are those times, when I wish you did more for me, but I can’t take this relationship for granted. I can’t take you for granted because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    You deserve me. You deserve the best and you should never settle for less. Making you happy is what makes me smile. We have it so good and we deserve each other
    You are worth it all, you have my heart and I am the one who doesn’t deserve such a great guy like you. I am the luckiest girl to have you in my life. I wish I could explain this to you Joey, I hope one day you will understand that you are the best thing that has every happened to me
    I love you.

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