• What is it about you?

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    I just don’t understand. For so long we had a good time that not many people could understand. I had you by me all the time and even though I knew i was not the only one, I was still not bothered. My emotions ran wild that one night in August when I knew that it was you that I wanted. Before we even started this we had been through it all, heartbreaks, lies, lust, and happiness. We sure do define opposites attract.

    I don’t know what it is about you. Maybe it’s how you ask me to smile just so you can see my face light up or how you hold me when all I want to do is lay down. There is so much good but there is so much wrong. I feel like you are still caught up in us just being friends. I am putting so much into this and I need the same back from you. Im working harder now that im with you then i was without you.

    You not being here makes it so hard. I try to be the strongest I can be and can put on a good show but that doesnt mean I dont cry at night hoping, praying that you’re thinking about me like I’m thinking about you. This is taking so much out of me and is putting such a strain on you and I. I go days without talking to you, does that bother you? Do you think about me when shes looking at you?

    Knowing that you’ll be back here soon is keeping me from doing something stupid, but when youre back will we be normal again? I feel like I have to win you over for the second time because you’ve forgotten what we were. I can’t keep feeling like this because i’m just not the same. I need all of you because I have given you all of me. I need you to want me like I want you and I need you to know that I cant do this alone.

    What is it about you that keeps me holding on? I dont want this to end but I dont want to be forgotten. You mean more to me then I think you know and I will try everyday to help you see you and I are together for a reason, but we both cannot be blind.


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    3 Responses to What is it about you?

    1. Ev
      November 21, 2011 at 1:48 pm

      This startled me because of how similar this is to my situation. Me and my J were best friends and then one silly august night we realized we loved each other. But he gets rapped up in school and friends and I’m trying so hard but like he doesnt think he is doing anything wrong. I just want him to want to talk to me for a change. I see him tomorrow for the first time in 2 month and I’m scared. Do i have to win him over again? WHat the hell are we? i wanted nothing more than to see him all these months but now that its here I’m scared out of my mind.


    2. Ka
      November 21, 2011 at 8:27 pm

      Thats crazy how similar this is. My J and I are dating but he treats me like im just one of the guys. I just want those boyfriend girlfriend feelings that we both should have but hes not getting. Hes been away for two months and comes home in 10 days and i feel like i have to win him over again. I feel the same way, i was looking forward to him being back but ive never been more afraid of anything ever. i hope it goes well for you cause this just sucks


    3. Ev
      November 30, 2011 at 12:24 am

      if you were wondering i had the best week ever with my J. i remembered exactly why we are perfect for each other <3 how'd it go for you?



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