• What if the storm ends

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    With dreams come sacrifices. I always want you to think of it sacrificing one thing for another. I know me telling you all this stuff isn’t new to you, but maybe you’ll learn something from me. I think about you 95% of my day. As much as I want to think about the next time I’m going to hold you or see your face, I think about this time in a couple months. Fast forwarding time to knowing where you’re going to be. I hate thinking ahead, it scares me and there’s really no need. I hate time, I hate taking advantage of it, and cause in the end there is never enough time. So make the best of it right? I count the minutes of the clock too often. Worrying if it’s moving too fast.

    Stage one, I hear about it. I admire it, fascinated in its glory. I see only a uniform in the middle of nowhere. Never crossing my mind the work, sacrifice, and exc. I only see a uniform and I only imagine how fascinating it is.

    Stage two, I like him. I find myself growing closer. I hate it. I hate that I feel it, I’m scared, I’m angry. I hear about it over and over, and of course I want to block it out. I can’t hear about it and I don’t want it. Like not hearing about it would make it go away in some sort. I find myself loving him. I find myself being selfish about him leaving me. Leaving me in love and alone.

    Stage three. I’ve fallen. I’ve fallen so in love I can no longer control. No wanting to turn back, no wanting to give up. A sudden urge to love unconditionally for all your worth and all that you are. I love everything about you. I love everything you want to do in life. Now I want to hear about it, I’m 100% on your side because now, I have finally realized your happiness is what makes my happiness. Love has taken over all odds. I want to stand by your side. I want to be with you in your glory. I can’t even think about not being yours for a month, a day, and a second.

    I don’t know anything. I can’t know the outcome of something I’ve never even been close to experiencing. I don’t know much, I can’t even imagine what the feelings are going to be like. I can’t even imagine the pain. But I don’t need to know anything, cause I have something. Something I know will get me by, get us by.


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