• Reality Check

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    I’m writing this on here as a form of therapy. I know that if I don’t I’ll most likely say this to your face and cause more problems for myself. Considering the fact that you are whiny and a gossip. The minute I tell you this you will be telling the world how horrible I am.

    A you are a drama queen. You think that I’m a show-off and hypocritical. Honey, I admit that I can be both at times. But I have never reached your level in either of these traits. I try to be honest with myself and others of my faults. You on the other hand think you’re perfectly fine.

    I caused your vacation to be horrible. I didn’t act the way you thought I would. To explain, A you don’t know me very well. I’m sorry that you had a whole different version of me in your head. When I burst your bubble you started feeling that you should have never invited me. Maybe you shouldn’t have. Honestly, I enjoyed most of the vacation, except for your attitude.

    When I tried talking to you, you just gave me a dirty look, made a frustrated noise, and walked off. Your whole drama queen behavior made it clear that you were displeased with me. That I didn’t fit into the box you had so neatly put me in, I apologize. Maybe you wanted me to be a shy little girl who always agreed with you. Instead I turned out to be a person with my own opinion. One that may not agree with yours.

    All in all, I’m pretty sure you will try to avoid me as much as possible. That is alright with me. I’ve lost friends before. (Thankfully, we weren’t that close. We could even be called acquaintances.) It won’t be the first time. At some level it still hurts, but I’m used to the pain.

    A just think for a moment why you’re mad at me. Isn’t it because I didn’t fit your expectations and didn’t act like you thought I would. A the reason you are mad is because you didn’t know me as a person and made assumptions. Assumptions that were wrong, and you got mad a me for being who I really am. You saw the real side of me. But you didn’t like it. Don’t worry A I’ll find people who like me for the real me.

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