• I wish..

    by  • November 21, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I have so much to say to you. It would be no surprise. You already know because I’ve told you so many times in the past.. I still love you. I think about you everyday. I think about you right when I go to sleep and right as I wake up. I honestly thought that after this long, I’d be over you; far away from you. Yet, I can’t seem to get away. Trust me, I’ve tried and when I think I’m strong enough I hear from you. That is how I know you feel the same way. You never too long without talking to me. I know you still love me too. I know because when you look at me, I can feel it. But, you won’t let yourself love me. Sadly, I only have myself to blame. I wish I could take all the pain and suffering I caused you. I don’t want to regret what I did because it made me realize how much of a better person I am and want to be now. So, I understand why you won’t take me back; but, I don’t understand why you keep talking to me or taking me out on dates.. You can’t stop either and that’s why I know. I wish you could understand that I am sorry. I am not that person that you thought I was for a while. I also wish you would give in to your own heart. I wish many things… All my wishes involve you. No matter what happens I can not bring myself to ever hate you. Even if I did, I’d still be thinking about you. I wish I could erase my memory. Maybe that’ll make the pain go away. But Unfortunately, i’d rather suffer missing you than to ever forget you. All I know is that even though you say no, I know it’ll happen one day. Me and you are meant to be. I can’t tell you how I know this but, I do. So when you finally decide to let yourself love me again, just know I was always secretly waiting for you. However, if I’m wrong I wish you to be happy. I have never wanted anything else for you. If I could I would give you the little happiness I have left. But, even on my darkest days, I never lose hope in you. Because some how I know, deep in my heart, you’ll come back and we’ll have our happily ever after.  

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