• I am worth fighting for.

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    Dear J,

    We spent two great years together and I’ll never forget you and the times we had. You helped me grow and learn a great deal about myself. I learned how truly unselfish I am, as I did my best to make you happy day after day, year to year. Although our long distance relationship required great amounts of dedication, I did everything in my power to ensure you felt loved, despite the miles between us. I never asked for much in return, as all I wanted was to be loved, and to have you accept me as the woman I am.

    Before it was easily recognizable, your search for careers and my increasing involvement in University slowly began to undo out close bond. I started to feel like I was losing you…a feeling I never thought I would experience. As soon as you informed me that you couldn’t be supportive of my new involvement in University, the first red flag was raised. I supported you endlessly, and you couldn’t find the strength to be remotely happy or proud of me for pursuing something I enjoyed doing? How unfair, after years of supporting you and your interest; you couldn’t do the same in return. The second and final red flag was raised when you blatantly said that your new career took priority over me and our relationship, and that you no longer felt motivated to talk to me when you came home from a long day at work. When you explained this to me, I felt my heart break. I finally felt the distance that had been wearing on our relationship for so long, tear us apart. I no longer felt important to you. Despite being told I was no longer first priority in your life, I still fought to keep our tattered relationship afloat. I didn’t give up. You broke my heart with the words you said, and I still didn’t give up on you. All because I loved you.

    J, I never wanted to let you go. I wanted you to fight for me and what we had. You didn’t fight, and I know I deserve someone who will. You were so self absorbed that you didn’t even notice how much you hurt me. I deserve someone who will put me first, and who will recognize my efforts to go above and beyond as a girlfriend. It has been 6 months since I decided to end our relationship and I still think about you. I still care for you. I composed this letter to help me find the closure I need to mend my broken heart. Although I’ll never forget you, I need to move on.

    Because to someone, I am worth fighting for.

    A mending heart.

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