• He is My Alex.

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    About my Alex.

    He’s tall and lanky… not that cute or handsome… oh, and sometimes he says/does things that just make you want to punch yourself in the face. He pisses me off to no end, and we disagree… on everything. There are many things I dislike about this kid, and I’m sure there’s a lot he dislikes about me.

    But you know… at the end of the day… he’s still there. I’m still there. Because every time that guy flashes his big, stupid grin at me from across the room after telling one of his jokes like he’s vying for my approval, or follows me to my next class in hopes of getting a kiss, I can’t help but smile. With all of the stupid, occasionally destructive shit he does, every single fucking day, he still finds some way to make me feel special. Good enough. Like I matter.

    I know I can be a bitch. I know I’m picky, and manic, and a whole hell of a lot to deal with sometimes, but this kid puts up with my fucked up life and you know, sometimes genuinely enjoys it. So when he grins at me, I grin the fuck back. When he follows me to class, I kiss him right on the mouth. Because no one has ever been that motherfucking dedicated to me in my entire life.

    So we just laugh at all of our flaws, because believe me there are many. The good outweighs the bad. Yeah, there are things about each other that we don’t like, but honestly… there’s no one who I’d rather put up with.

    I love you Alex. Thank you for always being there, being faithful, and being my rock<3

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