• Dear everyone,

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    When I feel like I have no words to say, I come on here hoping that one of these posts will be the one to explain how I feel, but I have realized that none of these post can truly relate to how I feel about that the one I love. All of these letters are meant for that someone. A friend, a boyfriend, a husband.
    All of these letters should be sent.
    Putting words on here is a way to connect and a way to release those feelings that have been building up for that one person. My advise to all of you is to say how I feel when you have the chance, because tomorrow might be the last time you will ever talk to that person.
    All of these letter should be sent.
    You all deserve to have a voice and opinion. Every post that I read is someones story. Someones individual thought.
    What would you do if that letter you posted was sent?

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    1. dontforget
      November 21, 2011 at 3:53 pm

      These letters ARE sent. Changes would need to be made if actually sending them to “the” intended person though because a personal letter written from one person to another that expresses feelings is NOT the same as writing one to everyone. Everyone knows what it feels like to write a letter like that. It’s powerful. Expressions of intimate details about what goes on between two people are special; like lovemaking. Exposing the expressions for all the world to see changes them. Doesn’t mean these aren’t beautiful. They are! But they are not the same. The message is different.

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