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    I gave you my all and told you my secrets, made you my life and worshiped the ground you walked on. Little did I know that one day it would all be shattered. The hardest part is that you won’t let me go. I’ve never been so stuck yet so close to getting away from you. How do you let go of your best friend? I hate how easily I believe your lies…i hate how easily you know how to control my every move. You scare me. You once controlled everything I ever had and now im taking it all back. Times up. You took what was once mine and I’m ready to take control and get it back. Don’t try to fool me with your tears, or try to pull me back in with your family issues. I control my life and how I want the story to play out. Not you. I loved you once. I loved you with all I ever had and gave you my world. But sometimes it ends up not being worth it or being right and the hardest part is trying to put it all back together. Goodluck. Move on to your next number. At least I can say that I still kept my sanity.

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