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    Dear C,

    I understand we were both wrong and we both messed up. You took it too far. You are insecure, a liar and a manipulator. You pretend to be someone totally different than you are…you are so fake, it makes me so sad. That fact that we are in our 20s and dealing with this high school bullshit is frightening, but also indicative of who you are-how horrible your past was, in which you have confided to have been bullied, and how it has shaped you and inevitably stunted your growth.

    The best part of this whole thing is that I am free. I am free from you and am no longer jailed in by the bars of your control. You, however, are still stuck watching him from afar kiss and choose her each and every day over you. Do I miss him? Sure. Does it hurt? Less and less every day. He let me go because of your demands that he never be with me, only to end up with yet another girl who isn’t you, and that is all the closure I’ll ever need. Do I miss you? Not anymore. When I hear about the spoiled, screaming fits you threw over him for not paying enough attention to you, or how you cry to people you are barely friends with (who moreover don’t respect you given the fact that they repeat these events), I can’t help but pity you. I pity you for loving someone who doesn’t love you back, for denying yourself anything more-hell, you should WANT more, and for lowering yourself to become such a poor version of yourself. Everyone laughs at you, C. And it’s not because you’re overweight (and for the record, I happen to have always found you beautiful anyway), but it’s because it is so obvious that your whole world is him…and you have lost yourself in loving him.

    Please stop. I no longer care about our friendship, but for your own good, just stop. Get your life back and start loving yourself before you completely forget who you are.


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