• Best friends?

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    Dear best friend,
    It has been so long since we went out together. I would rather spend time with someone that relates to me. We have been best friends for years, but when you became friends with her, you started to follow her around like a puppy dog. She is pretty and smart, and funny, and she knows how to wrap anyone she wants to around her pinkie finger. You have seen her be horrible to anyone she considers below her social status, but I know you love the attention, I know you love that the boys want nothing more than to speak to you when you we with her. But I just want to tell you that she has already started to get bored of you. She has made a new friend, and I know you are jealous. I know you will feel how I felt when you abandoned me. I have made a new best friend. Maybe you weren’t so great after all. But I will always be your friend, because I know how it feels to be abandoned.
    Love your best friend

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