• That feeling.

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    So I have that feeling inside of me. I’m not sure what it’s from. The fact that my boyfriend isn’t talking to me for some reason..or my ex. I think it’s the second. And it shouldn’t be. I’m not suppose to like him anymore. As I’m typing this the feeling goes away and sometimes comes back stronger. So that’s a definite yes. Apparently he’s done something. He CANNOT tell me. He promised the others he wouldn’t tell. Said it would totally change my mind about him and that he cares about me wayyy too much to even attempt to tell me. I can’t possibly think of what it was. Were teenagers and can’t do too much damage, right? He claims it’s very terrible. I just..I don’t know. He needs to tell me. He won’t. I just have not the slightest idea of what it might be. It’s not sex, drugs, alcohol..nothing. So I’m not sure what it could’ve been. I just was afraid it might’ve been something sexual with a girl until he told me it wasn’t. I was relieved..too relieved. I don’t have feelings like THAT for him anymore. I love him, like a brother though. I think. I just hope he’ll tell me so we can work out the friendship. Right now, it’s not really on friendly terms. And I hate that.

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