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    STOP. Yes just stop.

    You were my first love. I loved the bones of you. I would have done anything to make you happy, to make you safe. I dedicated two and a half years of my life making you happy and then you break my heart. It still hurts that you ended us but what makes it worse is you cant be happy for me.

    I’ve met the most amazing person. He is not like any of the other boys. He’s not just after sex. He likes me for me!!!! yes I know it’s hard to believe but he loves me for being ditzie, silly and daft.

    You had your chance with me. I fucking waited 8 months after we broke up for you. He doesn’t care that I am not doing a female friendly course. He loves how I have make friends who care about me. He doesn’t get jealous over me!!
    STOP saying you love me. Stop leaving me voicemails. STOP creeping on my facebook pctures.

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