• I Should Have Never Fallen For You

    by  • November 19, 2011 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I met you because the boy I was dating invited me over to your house. So I went. The whole night I was telling my friend how cute I thought you were. Two weekends later my friends wanted to go over to your house, so we did. One of the boys left. My friend and your friend spent the whole night making out. We spent the whole night talking. I really connected to you. You made me feel so comfortable. it was crazy. The next night we hung out again. Our friends spent the night making out again, and we were just talking. You kept me warm when I needed it and we all went back to my house. You kissed me and my heart raced. I liked you so much. I thought we were going to be a one night stand, but in the morning you and your friend stayed. And watched a movie with me and my friend. The whole time we were cuddling and you were holding my hand and calling me cute. At the point I had lost all hope that I would not fall for you. The next night we went over to your house. We hooked up again. But you asked me to be your girlfriend. I thought you were crazy. I had only known you for a couple days. But I was falling for you. So I said yes.
    Four weeks.
    I thought we were made for each other?
    Perfect for each other?
    Soul mates.
    You broke up with me three days ago.
    And all I’ve been doing in crying and sleeping.
    Because of you I have to go back to therapy.
    I have to get fucking Prozac.
    Fuck you.
    I should have never fallen for you.

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