• I don’t want to be mad.

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    I don’t want to be mad at you guys. I really don’t, but I can’t help it. I would do anything for you two but you don’t even acknowledge that I’m here and that I want to be a part of your lives. I refuse to be the one to reach out anymore. You only seem to call or text when you need my help and I’m not willing to help you out. I won’t take the excuse that you are always busy, because you didn’t seem so busy when you through your house warming party that someone seemed to tell me about. I was there whenever you needed me and now that I could really use someone to lean on both of you aren’t there. I understand that we are growing up and aren’t always going to be in each others lives. But right now we still have the opportunity to be, so why would we not take it.

    Maybe it’s my fault both of you don’t reach out to me. I’m a difficult person to get close with but that’s only because I’m tired of letting people in to have them leave when they are done with me. I have issues and I’m trying to work through them I just need someone there to help me.

    I’m lonely and sad and sick and tired of being alone.
    I miss the both of you and it makes me so mad that I do because you don’t even miss me.

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