• How could you?

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    You little bitches.
    Do you know how hard it was to keep from going off on you guys?
    Do you know how hard it was to keep from bursting into tears that very moment?
    Can you maybe be a little sensitive for once and maybe think about some of the other things I have to go though?
    Maybe if you were my real friends and actually cared about me you would think not to say what you did, because your opinions hurt.
    You dumbasses think everything is fucking perfect, I have an awesommmee life. NO.
    That day that you guys were so mean to me my dad left us. By the way… he’s having an affair with another woman.
    After he left us I got enough mental abuse from my mom and brother, BLAMING ME.
    I found a close friend dead, who committed suicide and also blamed me.
    Can I maybe not have to take the blame for once?
    Anna and Sinead. I ditched you for Claire and Ella because I was completely not myself that nigh because I had just figured out I was the one who killed him. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?? They don’t know me as well they didn’t suspect anything, and I know we would do something retarded and one of you would say something jokingly mean to me and I would flip the fuck out.
    I ditched you guys to go with Annie to the haunted house because I couldn’t stand what my dad was doing and had to get out of the house. And bitches I didn’t have any money for your little thing. I didn’t really feel like being embarrassed and having to explain that my dad took my money.
    Honestly, and you little Isabel bb clone don’t even say that I ditched you guys for the last 5 minutes of lunch I had to get my stuff from downstairs!! and the other day they wouldn’t let me come up. JUST DEAL WITH IT. Its over.
    Do you guys really need to hold such grudges?
    I go home and cut myself. NOW DON’T I LOOK SOO COOL?? Yeah I prefer not to showoff or share that information.
    At lunch I could have stood up and started screaming.
    “You guys don’t care about me; you only care about you selves. You have never asked me what was wrong. You only criticize me about tiny little things I was doing that hurt YOU. Can you think about anyone beside you? In reality I need a little time to worry about myself. OMG IM SOOO SELFISH!! I’m having one hell of a year and you guys freak out over every little thing I’m doing. I go though enough shit at home; can you please leave me alone? Can we just be happy at school?”
    But instead of going off on you, I went home and started sobbing, and probably gave myself a permanent scar.
    Ok, so now it’s called pulling a Helen, whenever someone ditches someone. Cool.

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