• Back again

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    My body laying close to yours, my arms draped over you. Skin to skin, warmth radiating from the inside out. Old love that we both know will never really go away. You look at me, eyes meeting so sincerely. Lips touch the old familiar kiss we knew so well. Everything fits so perfectly like our bodies were made for each other.

    What does it mean if we never stop loving each other? I can go ahead and not see you for months or years but all it takes is once, and the feeling that I’ve learned to suppress shows itself. I don’t even want to be with you anymore. You have hurt me more than anyone and if were to be together again I’m sure you’d do it again. Going through that pain, taking all that time to heal a wound that will never fully repair… as a person I cannot do that to myself. But I still love you Kyle and I always will.

    I know you love me too. You don’t love yourself though and that why you hurt me. Your insecurities and instability makes you incapable of being the man for me. I can’t change that so I’ve learned to live with with this love in the back of my head and the pit of my heart.

    You breath in. Warm air filters back out through your nose. You look me in the eyes again and smile, I smile too. My eyes wander over his body, my arms grasp tighter. I take all I can get in these few in far between moments because this lost love is all I got.

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