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    I remember the day we decided we were in love with one another, even though we were so young, so different. We knew there was something there, even as kids. I had just turned 14 years old. You listened as I told you about the worst night of my teenage life and you never judged me. That has set the tone for our life the last 12 years. You’ve loved me for me while encouraging me to better myself not for anyone else but me. I don’t think you understand how lucky I know I am to have this millionth chance with you. After the last time, I knew for certain I’d ruined us forever. I’ve never stopped hating myself for that, never stopped blaming myself for stripping us both of years of happiness, years we’ll never get back. When my mom passed, I couldn’t get you out of my head. I needed you. I knew no one could comfort me the way you could. I knew you would be able to understand the way I missed her because you knew the type of relationship she and I had better than anyone. Sure enough, that first phone call.. I felt like I’d pass out the second I heard your voice. Then the shock that you actually answered set in. Then we were catching up and talking about all that had happened to us. I hated telling you what I’d done, the choices I’d made. I knew I was disappointing you. Ever since that day you’ve rarely been far from my mind. Hardly ever a day that you didn’t cross my thoughts in some way. There were days I thought I’d die if I couldn’t talk to you.

    Now, I got on that plane and I knew for certain I was about to fall head over heels in love with you – again. I knew there was no going back this time. I knew the moment I saw you at the airport that you are the one I want to spend every single moment of forever with. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know, your happiness will always come before my own. The last 12 years, you’ve taught me what love is, how to let go, what a best friend truly is. I could never love anyone as completely as I love you, and that’s certainly not fair to me or to anyone else. I dream of the day I can fall asleep beside you every night, wake up to your kisses every morning. I also dream of the nights where we don’t sleep at all. I will never give up on you, I will never leave your side no matter what life may throw our way. I know we are in for some pretty challenging times and it’s going to be really hard but I’m ready to fight for us. I deserve you, I deserve to feel your love for me. Our future looks beautiful, I can’t stop myself from daydreaming about a day when I can truly be your Mrs. đŸ™‚ You are a wonderful man, you treat me like a queen while never spoiling me too much. You find that perfect balance in a lover and a friend. I am so lucky to have found you, I am so lucky to have your love. When we’re together, it’s just us and everything else disappears. Those two days were some of the most relaxed and completely stress free days of my life. My thoughts were completely consumed with you. It was absolutely amazing.

    I love you so much. You are everything I have ever wanted since March 5th, 2000. I’ll never stop wanting you, needing you, loving you. <3

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