• Your careful silence can’t replace your stupid smiles

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    It’s been been almost four years to the day.
    Although I’ve moved on, I can’t help but think about you.
    You were such a big part of my life, everything reminds me of you.

    All I want to know is if you’ve thought of me?
    Only once.
    Did you look back and wonder what went wrong?
    Do you ever think you lost someone important to you?
    Or am I nothing?
    Just a meaningless person you cried to.
    Someone you poured your heart out to, someone you made laugh, and smile.
    You made me who I am today.
    You taught me how to love, how to laugh, how to forget.

    Even though it’s long over, and you’ll probably never speak to me again,
    not a day goes by that I don’t wonder why.
    Why would you hurt me like that?
    Why would you just walk out of my life without a goodbye?
    If she makes you stop talking to people who are true friends, how can you be happy?

    I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forget you.
    I just need to hear your voice.
    I need to hear the words come out of your mouth and say goodbye.

    “So don’t fall in love there’s just too much to lose if you’re given the choice, I’m begging you choose to walk away, walk away,
    don’t let it get you, I can’t bare to see the same happen to you.”

    David, if you read this, send me some kind of message of any kind.
    Wish me a happy birthday, I don’t care, any kind of sign that you haven’t forgotten me.

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