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    Dear Housemate,

    I feel like I am losing my mind listening to you talk. You are constantly on facebook on your phone and always read out ridiculous, insignificant statuses, then you complain about people being stupid. If they’re so stupid and annoy you so much then hide the person’s status updates. But no, you are far too nosey to do that, you always want to know everyone’s business and it annoys me so much. You want everyone to like you, which I understand, it’s nice to feel loved, but if you insist on knowing other people’s business and allowing people to trust you, then step up and take the responsibility. Don’t vent to me about how much you wish you weren’t in that situation; you did it to yourself! And you tell me things about your closest friends that nobody except you should know which puts me in a bad position too.

    I think you genuinely believe you must be talking at all times and you have to voice every little thought you have. Guess what? Sometimes less is more, and if you spoke a little less often you might have more valuable things to say. You’re just really irritating me and I need to vent. You literally articulate every thought that crosses your mind and, believe it or not, we don’t always want to know what you’re thinking about. In fact most of the time we don’t care and I try to block out your voice at times. I know you don’t read this website and I know you’ll never see this but I’m finding writing this letter astoundingly soothing.

    And as for your relationship, I really like your boyfriend and you get on so well together, it does seem like you’re made for each other but please, some things should happen behind closed doors. I have to give you credit and say that, as a couple, you don’t make other people feel uncomfortable around you, but when you’re having a petty argument about whether you want to eat something or not I feel like punching you both. You know if you’re hungry or not, don’t ask him, even children know when they’re hungry, you’re just looking for attention.

    While we’re on the subject of attention-seeking I have to mention something. You’re such an intelligent girl but your complaining really irks me. You complain about having a part-time job while some people can’t get one no matter how many CVs they hand out or how many interviews they do. You complain about having so much college work to do, which we all do, everybody likes to whinge about their workload, but when you do some work you can’t just be content in yourself, you have to about the work you’ve done and ask “That’s good isn’t it?”. Yes it’s good, and you know it is, and you know I haven’t done my work yet so please stop bragging about it.

    You also claim to hate bitching about people when you’re one of the biggest gossips I know. You literally have to know everything about everyone and have to pass that knowledge on to everyone else you know. It’s sick, it truly is, I mean sometimes you have so little consideration for other people I don’t know how you’re as popular as you are. Actually, by your general behaviour I don’t know how you’re as popular as you are, I really don’t.

    I have to qualify all this by saying we do have fun together and you have helped me through some weird and scary situations, but knowing what you’re like I still don’t feel like I can trust you so you’ll never be a true friend. I know nobody’s perfect, I just really needed to express my feelings through this letter for fear I would say it to you and ruin a friendship and create a tense atmosphere in the house.


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