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    You will never read this.

    We’ve gone to the same school for the past three months. It is a huge campus filled with thousands of people. For a solid two and a half months, I never saw you once. I always felt your presence there though.

    For the past two weeks, you have been there. Every single day, right in front of me. I have changed my routine, yet we always manage to end up a few feet away from each other at some point every day. I pretend not to see you. We both avert our eyes. It breaks my heart, acting like you’re a stranger. You used to know everything about me. But you and I both know we have seen each other every time. Do your thoughts and heart race like mine do? Do you freak out about what you should do? I know I do.

    You know me and signs. You used to always laugh at me when I’d say “Maybe it’s a sign.” This time I wasn’t taking it as a sign, seriously. I just brushed it off as mere coincidence. But today it struck me that this might not be so coincidental. Every day for two weeks, seriously? What if this is what’s supposed to happen?

    Maybe I am just being an idiot, holding on to nothing. But I’ve decided that if it happens again tomorrow, it is a sign. I will look you in the eye and smile. Sounds ridiculous, but the prospect of that alone scares me.

    Hope to see you.

    P.S. For God’s sake, please put on a jacket. It’s freezing, and you’re going to get sick again.

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