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    Hey Beautiful,

    Do you remember that poem I wrote for you, then so foolishly worked very hard on a project to put together a slide show just for you to the personal recitation of said poem and old pics of our past (and perfect background music) in an attempt to get you to see how much I still cared for you and hopefully would aid in my venture to win your heart once again, but instead failed miserably because the pictures had the opposite affect on you than I originally thought they would? (yes, I just wrote a giant run-on sentence; sue me)

    I bet you don’t, because you only focused on the pictures. Well, I’ve decided to work on that poem again because it could use some editing and improvement. I want it to be perfect because I’m a perfectionist in my writing, and you deserve the best. I am writing it special just for you, even though I don’t see how you’ll ever come back to me. I’m writing it in hopes that things will change between us. I’m writing in defiance of the current state I find myself in. I’m writing because you will always hold a special place in my heart. God sends the rain when He is ready; it’s up to me to prepare my fields to receive said rain (and yes, I just stole that from the movie “Facing the Giants”, sue me again).

    When I’m finished with it, I may post it on here because I have no other viable audience. You would likely rip my face off again if I sent it directly to you. At least strangers will be able to enjoy my passion for your beautiful heart, even if you won’t. It’s going to be amazing, just like you. I can promise you that. 😉

    Your faithful Husky,

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