• Nobody wins when everyone’s losing

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    I just wanted it to be possible for once in my life to have a friend as amazing as you not fall in love with me.
    Why is it I can be completely open and honest with someone, tell them all the terrible things about me, and yet somehow they still develop feelings for me?
    I’m not that wonderful.

    You’re a wonderful guy, and you’re a lot like me.
    I realize you have feelings for me, but I don’t want to ruin this friendship.
    We’ve known each other for less than two months.
    You witnessed all the terrible things I’ve been going through in my relationship, falling for another man. You know him, we all talk.
    Why would you not let me have my feelings for him? Why do you have to add your feelings in this.
    Just please stop, you’re only making it harder, I don’t need to break any more hearts.

    I like you, but I don’t have feelings for you.
    I want to be with him.
    And I know, I’m everything you’re looking for, but there are too many reasons for me to stay away.

    Why can’t it be possible for two people of the opposite sex to be friends?
    I just want to be friends.
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    Is it really that hard to understand?


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