• I’m done blaming you.

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    I’m done blaming you.
    It was never your fault.
    What you did to my heart, I let it happen.
    You had higher expectations of me, you thought I was strong, when in reality I was weak.

    I blamed you for so long after it all happened.
    I blamed you for my sorrow and longing.
    I blamed you for all the lonely nights.
    I blamed you for missed opportunities.
    I blamed you for being all I thought about, all the time.
    I blamed you because I convinced myself I would never love again.

    I blamed you because I was too naive to see who was truly at fault.
    When I blamed you I should have blamed myself.
    I was too childish to see what you were trying to do for me.

    I blamed you because I wasn’t ready to be free.
    I blamed you because I wasn’t ready to walk on my own.

    You knew I could do it, you believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.
    I blamed the person I am today on you.
    I blamed my faults on you.
    But now, I’m done blaming you.

    I’m ready to take the blame.

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