• I hope someone else feels HOW BAD I AM FEELING.

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    6 years together. my first boyfriend, your first girlfriend…We ended things 3 months ago and I am still feeling the awful heartbreak from it. why didn’t you fight for me? Why did you have to go and block me from your life like that, am i that worthless to you? I wish you would for once…follow your heart. NO ONE CAN TELL YOU HOW TO FEEL IT COMES FROM THE HEART. you walked away from me 4 times and every time you said you missed me and I came running back. that’s what unconditional love is. That is the love you never showed me. I regret making everything so easy for you..constantly waiting by the phone for you to call, jumping whenever you said to jump.. you took advantage of a GOOD THING.. i wish you could see how good i treated you.. Gave up everything for you I used to love you so much. I dont even remember you anymore..IT KILLS ME EVERYDAY WAKING UP AND KNOWING THAT I WILL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN. I feel as if i am grieving your death, and you are still fucking alive. now tell me, why were you so easy to leave? it hurts me to this day. I will never know how you are feeling or how you ever felt about me. I only feel hurt from you know. do you know how hard it is to focus everyday.. not to mention the fact I am in medical school. How can you never talk to me again was I really that worthless and meaningless to you? How is it so easy to just block me from your life. I will never know. I love you so bad.

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