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    I feel horrible. I put a smile on my face and try to make it through the day. I wish I could just lay in bed all day and sleep. Then I wouldn’t have to go to school and sit next to you. It hurts to see you constantly staring at me. You were the one who broke up with me. For her. You were the one who lied. You were the one who hurt me. So why do you still stare at me? Do you still have feelings for me? Because if you do, I’m done. With everything. I don’t ever want there to be an us again. You lied to me, so much. Was everything a lie? All the “I love you”s? I feel so stupid. I let some douche into my life, actually my heart, and now look where I am.

    I’m afraid for her. I don’t want you to hurt her the way you did me. I know she doesn’t like me, and I don’t really like her, but she deserves better than you. Any girl deserves better than you. I hope that one day you will change, and you’ll realize all the things wrong in your life. Like how to treat your friends. I should have known for the beginning about the Joey thing. “I don’t care as long as he doesn’t find out” should have been a red flag, but I guess I was too blinded to see.

    B, there’s so many things I want to ask you, but I’m not going to. Maybe I should take Dorothy’s advice and next time I catch you staring at me, flip you off. I like the idea of that. I wonder what your face would look like.

    Well goodbye, I hope you have a great life without ruining others,

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