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    I hope I actually send this one to you.

    Mikey the Madness, I love calling you that. You were hurt today and seeing you so upset broke my heart. Your friend talked shit behind your back, you found out when i opened Skype and his and my conversation came up and you saw the one sentence that bashed you. “mike just has to get off his ass, he being such a kid” Its not true though. He’s your best friend, well I’m gonna guess that should be Was your best friend. I barely know him and he talked shit about you to me. Not the first person to do that either. And you found out about both, I wasn’t going to hide them.

    You were so upset. You told me you give up, you were done trying. I asked you to specify and you said you were done with people. That hurt me Mikey. I asked when you wanted me to take you home then and you just looked at me. I told you I’m a person too. You said I didn’t count so I asked, What about your daughter, are you gonna just give up on her? What about Conner and what about your dad? You got upset with me. We talked about it more and I think you understood.

    You think you’re worthless and useless, you think you’re nothing. But you’re not. To me you are amazing, you are so helpful, you are my friend. Mikey without you I’d be alone and still hurting. I’d still be crying. Everyone Lies even I lie, but not to you, not about something that matters. These people who talk about you behind your back, their not your friends. Your friends are the ones who want to help you and support you. You said I was the only one. I’m always here for you, no matter what you need. If its help with your daughter I’ll be happy to, if you need bail I’ll be upset but I’ll still do it Heehee. Don’t go causing too much trouble.

    I worry about you sometimes. I can see how hurt and angry and broken you are, but You can also see that in me. I tried explaining it earlier. No one wants to be around someone who’s emotionally unstable and broken. But you and I, were so great together. Maybe its cause we give each other hope, I know you gave me a new look on life, Now I look for the slightest bit of light and go after it. I just wish I had that effect on you. Maybe with time and care we can help each other mend our pieces back together.

    Mikey, I care about you. You think you make me angry but it’s rarely you. It’s usually something else, an old memory or a bad thought. You make me smile, you make me laugh so loud. Today we wrestled, You kicked my ass but I will never admit defeat. NEVER! I have bruises now but the swelling in my wrists went down haha. Sorry I bit you so hard…

    When neither of us are stressed or in a bad mood we have the most amazing time, but life is full of emotions us especially and we’ll have to deal with bad moods when they happen. Today after what Sam said, You didn’t look angry, but sad. You actually looked like you were going to cry. I didn’t know what to do. It hurt to see you like that. When i sat next to you and just started drawing you asked me to come closer and we talked about everything. We made a deal. Spring break were gonna go somewhere, a road trip anywhere. All I ask in return is for you to keep trying. Once you stop trying I lose hope. Please don’t make me lose hope again.

    Mikey the Madness, You are amazing, handsome, wonderful, sweet, caring,and I want to be around you all the time. I love when you hold me in your arms and when you kiss me. I love when you rest your head on me. I love when you smile more then anything. When I see you smile I see that little bit of light in life I’m Chasing after. You asked me what I say behind your back, what I honestly think about you, and this is it. Your angry and hurt but you try. Please don’t ever stop trying Mikey. I want to be there the day you finally stop being angry, no longer hurt, and have the happiest smile on your face.

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