• Just One More Thing

    by  • November 17, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Dear Nicole,

    So I read something on letters I’ll never send that made me think and I realized something and I just want to tell you. First I am sorry for the way I have been acting. I know I have been pretty crazy lately. But I have been through a lot with you. You say you still love me, then you act like I don’t even exist. Deep down I know you care, even though you don’t show it. But it’s scary, trusting you again. You destroyed my trust so completely, but it’s crazy because my heart still trusts you, stupid heart. And sorry I have been so needy. But you tease me with attention then pull it away. It drives me insane. And truthfully I am a scared little girl who feels alone in this world and is clinging onto you, because you are the first person I have ever truly fallen in love with. I am so terrified of getting hurt again. I am going to stop, clinging onto you that is. Sorry I have been leaning on you so much, cause that’s what i have been doing, and I just now realized that. I will stop. I will learn how to stand on my own two feet as a grown women. I am here for you I know your stressed and busy. Lean on me if it helps I just want to help. I miss you I miss our silly conversations and joking around. I miss our inside jokes and I miss that you use to text me all the time any chance you got. What happened? When did you start to get so stressed? Lean on me if you want or don’t it’s your choice but I promise I will learn to stand on my own. I hope one day we can have silly conversations all day again. I hope life is going well and if there is anything i can do please ask, please.

    Love For Always,
    Your Ramen Noodle

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