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    When you say you’re done
    Be sure you can walk away
    Without looking back
    When you say you can’t give anymore
    Remember I ask for nothing
    When you say goodbye
    Be sure your heart agrees
    When you cry
    Be sure the reasons are true
    When you lose a tear
    Make sure it was worth it
    Because that tear is worth the world to another
    When you can’t handle things
    Know I’m still here
    When you fall to your knees
    When the weight of the world seems too much to bear
    Know I’ll be there to help
    When the weather turns gray
    When the clouds open
    Know it’s the world crying with you
    When the sun shines bright
    Know you did it
    When days pass
    Hold on to memories made
    When the memories fade Never forget the feeling you had
    When you feel lonely
    Know I’m never far away
    When the world seems too big
    When no one seems to care
    Remember there’s always someone to whom you are everything
    The last thought at night
    And their first in the morning sunlight
    When he says I love you
    Be sure you love him back
    When your heart’s breaking
    Know he isn’t worth it
    When you can’t sleep
    Lose the thoughts keeping you up
    When you’re breaking inside
    Find friends who know without a word
    When everyone goes right
    Go left
    When the world stops spinning
    You have blacked out
    When nothing is the same
    Remember life doesn’t stop
    When the change seems too much
    Look at what has stayed the same
    When you say I know
    Make sure you do
    When you say I’m done
    Make sure you can walk away
    Without a last glance
    Make sure your heart leaves with you
    If not, you’ll never feel whole again
    A piece of you will always be with them
    When you love Love with everything
    When you speak
    Speak only of what you know
    When you live Live with you’re heart and soul
    You only have one chance
    To make this

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