• My Lucky Penny

    by  • November 16, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    If I could write a letter and bring you back no ink would do. If I could write a song and bring you back no lyric would suffice. If I could paint you a picture and bring you back no oil, water color or opaque would do it justice. I can do none of these things but if I could I would do them all. Just to bring you back for one second. While I try my best to forget you ever existed I can’t. I go days without breaking down in a puddle of my own tears and fears and for minutes at a time I achieve a higher understanding and you no longer exist in my pretty little messed up world. Then there it is..a sound, a sight or something as simple as a smell and I am broken into so many pieces that they could fit through the eye of a needle. Writing this doesn’t make what I did go away and make anything better but if it does nothing but instill the feeling that I will forever and always love you then it has hit its mark. You cannot begin to fathom where this sorry begins and I know that no sorry can ever erase the scars I left behind. All I can look forward to is being a better me and hoping you find a better you. Wishing, in vain, that those two better people some day meet again and continue on the path to bliss and romance that we once were traveling upon. The hurt is great and the pain is sometimes unbearable but I will survive and I will persevere. I just hope that you find the one who completes your puzzle and makes you whole. You will forever be my Lucky Penny and my Action Jackson

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