• My Baby Sister

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    You don’t realize how much you’re hurting us.

    We all know you’re drinking and drugging. We know you’re asking for favors by offering sex.

    You’re eighteen and mentally you’re barely fourteen.

    You need to go back on your meds and go home and stop this.

    We love you. But you are killing us.

    We all know you stole our older brother’s psp and ds when you came to my _wedding_. We all know that’s why you left.

    We all know you sent dirty pictures to people in our brother’s bathroom yesterday and asked for sex.

    We all could smell the vodka you drank.

    We love you.

    You are hurting us, B.

    Killing us.

    We can’t let you in. Not now.

    We’ve already put too much trust in you.

    You turned your back on us.

    We tried to be there for you while you spat at us and kicked and screamed.

    But there is only so much we can do before we have NO CHOICE.

    When you’re ready to be you, I am here.

    Until then,

    We love you sister. B

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