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    I guess it’s my fault for taking this seriously. I guess it’s my fault for falling too hard too fast. And I know it’s my fault for not listening to everyone who told me not to get caught up in you. I wanted so badly to be loved, that I let my imagination get carried away and looked past the fact that we barely have anything in common.

    I want you to know you didn’t do anything wrong- it really was me. I gave it up too easy, and made you think we were just friends with benefits. I should have told you that wasn’t what I wanted, but I was too scared to find the words. You made me feel safe enough to be myself, but I didn’t have the courage to tell you what I really felt.

    All I know is I miss laying in your bed, laughing at Workaholics or whatever’s on Comedy Central. I miss your arms around me, your fingers tracing along my arm. I miss your breath on my hair and the feeling of your body against mine. I miss the way you looked at me and the way you’d bite your lip just after you kissed me. All I want is you back.

    The worst part is knowing that I’m going to spend the next weeks thinking about you all the time, and I don’t think I’ll cross your mind.


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