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    I miss your horrible singing in my car.
    I miss your late night calls just to make sure you told me you loved me before I fell asleep.
    I miss your weird hats.
    I miss the smirk you get on your face when you are trying not to laugh.
    I miss the way you held my hand when we were together.
    I miss how you held my face when I cried.
    I miss all the kisses you would give me.
    I miss your sweet long notes about how much you love me.
    I miss our long conversations.
    I miss your parents.
    I miss your stupid Tyler the Creator cd.
    I miss you waiting for me after every class.
    I miss all of the compliments you gave me.
    I miss the hugs that you gave me.
    I miss hearing you say i love you.

    I miss you, Zachery Lee.
    i love you, and even though you have moved on. I haven’t. You are my first love. The one that matters.
    I won’t forget you.
    and I’ll miss you.

    -Amanda Jane

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    One Response to Zachery Lee.

    1. YoullNeverKnow
      November 16, 2011 at 4:49 pm

      It will be okay AmandaJane.
      No, you won’t forget your first love. I haven’t to this day and i am married with 3 kids.

      Love happens. And you’ll find a man who will love you, and never stop.



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