• Where is my fairy tale

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    To you, and your promise

    Why was i lied to? why did you say we were going to live our fairytale? In the fairytales I grew up with had princess, and knights in shining armor. The fair maidens wore extravagant gowns, sorry they don’t have them at target love I checked. Sure the princess had hardships before she found her prince but my hardships seemed to double with our wedding day. I’m not your princess any more, am I love? Why don’t you treat me like one? I do feel like a queen though, Queen of the maids. All i do is slave over your ass. I work all day hand you more than half the money I make at the two jobs I hate. And after I hand you your bounty for marring my ass it’s off to the kitchen to start dinner and do the loandry all at once. Sure you say thank you every now and again but it would be amazing if you could maybe put the PS3 controler down when you kiss me. Hell I’ll settle for just looking at me. And then the dishes are done I normally have 20 min to become the Discount store dressed princess to be a piece of arm candy. Sweep me off my feet, make me feel like the princess I used to be, the one you fell in love with. Where’s my prince? I know you can be one, you used to be.

    Queen of the Maids.

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