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    Looking back now I realize it wasn’t even anything. It wasn’t real, and we certainly weren’t right for each other. But did you need to end things the way you did? I know I’m dating him now, but you’re dating her. And according to your facebook “anniversary” (not that I was creeping or anything) was during the time we were still involved. Or at least… when I was still involved. I know you moved on about 2 weeks before you told me. And that’s only because I confronted you. Wow, thanks asshole. Were you just going to let it go until we awkwardly ran into each other somewhere months later? That would have been great. I hope I never see you again. Except I kinda hope I do. I hope she breaks your heart so you can be all “sad” again and know what it feels like. And I hope I’m with him. Him who is even partially your friend. Where you starting things with her before you even told me? What was going through your mind? How was that okay? How much of a douche are you? obviously a big one. I want to talk to your ex. To tell her what you did to me so we discuss your ass-hole-ness. But I won’t. Because I don’t want her to know I went after he leftovers. Her gross leftovers. I don’t care if “you broke up with her.” She is a far greater woman than you ever deserve. So am I. So you know what.. have fun with the whore.

    lady danville bed 42 is right.

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