• There is no way, without Will

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    Our institution was a place where I was educated on the ways of the heart. Its agenda consisted of courtship etiquette and romance philosophies; proper demonstrations of love and how the soul must feel. The teachings of our relationship hadn’t prompted the valuable lessons that brought me to this conclusion, but the oh so bittersweet end. With every test along the way, I learned to love you, but had not mastered the skill. Some mistakes written in ink and some which I have erased but the impression is still left within us. In our moments of magic and hardship, I failed to recognize my heart’s desire. The culmination of the education, our ending, has tested my intellect on romantic establishments. It wasn’t until examinations in other universities that I have come to realize that our brief companionship is the foundation of my seemingly unrequited love. In my dismal failures, I have come to realize that my heart only knows You as its subject matter. As a result, I am only enabled to logically and philosophically entertain ideas of You. Our companionate university has rewarded me with a degree to love You.

    But I was not the only student in this establishment who has mastered matters of love. You hold a bachelors of my heart.

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