• Damsel

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    I thought I’d never be sappy. Growing up I was never the damsel in distress in my own fairytales or anyone else’s for that matter. Unfortunately as a teenager i became what i never wanted to be. I was succumbed to an eating disorder and you. You picked me up told me you loved me first, but still i never felt good enough I couldn’t make you happy and i got worse i ate less worked out more hated myself because i never felt good enough. I was your toy for a year and a half. Oh man, we struggled I think I cried more than i laughed with you but i convinced myself i loved you. Then i was accepted to an out of state college and we both knew it wouldn’t work hell we couldn’t even manage to try it, it tore us apart. Finally, finally I realized how awful you were. Like poison every kiss took from me there was a hard underlying edge to it, it held pain and sadness and even hate.

    Then I let you go. I got better my eating disorder vanished I was happy. I met him, oh i met him and i knew it was him. When i finally kissed him, a day before i left for college, there was no hatred or anger or sadness. It was warm and happy and left goose bumps on my arms for hours. There was no doubt in our minds that we would be together no matter the distance. He’s incredible he’s everything. He sends me flowers just because. I have never cried from his words unless he’s making me laugh to hard. I love him. I didn’t know love till i met him. I’m not a damsel anymore i don’t need saving with him by my side i will never need it again.

    why did i waste so much time? How did you trick me? I hope you never break some one down again. Don’t make some one a damsel. Let them find their strength.

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