• Without a word

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    Mistakes happen, I know. I don’t hate you for what you did. Love is never fair and feelings will always come and go. That I understand. But I owe it to myself to not be that girl anymore. This girl who lets people back into her life just like that. Because when you hurt me again I’ll have no one to blame except for myself.

    The worst part about how you ended things was the fact that I couldn’t get mad at you. I had no right to be mad. You were never really mine and I was never really yours. What we had never felt real to me and it still doesn’t.

    We were kidding ourselves back then. Trying to turn a fantasy into reality. Trying to turn one night into something innocent like love. There’s nothing left worth saving between us. I’ll consider what we had a foolish mistake.

    This is the end. Maybe one day we will meet again and I’ll smile and wave and we’ll make small talk about the weather or our lives.That is, if I don’t forget you. If I don’t forget every real moment, every real word, every real detail.

    I will forget everything.

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