• Why I cry.

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    I cry because I don’t get along with my parents.
    I cry because I can’t live up to my older siblings.
    I cry because I can’t reach my parents’ and families high expectations.
    I cry because I’m stressed.
    I cry because I’m losing all my friends.
    I cry because it appears my boyfriend doesn’t care as much as he used to.
    I cry because even when I try in school, I fail.
    I cry because my grandma could die any day because the cancer is now undefeatable.
    I cry because I get crap everyday for not having a job yet.
    I cry because no one is there for me when I need them.
    I cry because asking for help doesn’t actually get me help.
    I cry because I can’t find a way to put my reasons for crying into words when I talk to other people.
    I cry because I’m so sick of crying every night.

    I cry because I’m almost ready to give up.

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    1. Trin
      November 16, 2011 at 4:38 am

      Dont give-up ! I no u are special to someone and they would be devastated if u did give-up …… Look for them they are there even if u don’t think they are!



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