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    You just called me.
    I didn’t answer.

    You always reach out to me at the very moment I decide to be thru with you. I start to realize that I’m wasting my time on somebody who will not be mine.

    I love you.

    That right there is the first time I have actually admitted it. It feels shitty. I don’t really enjoy exploring the extent of my love for you because it hurts terribly. It hurts that you love somebody else, somebody that doesn’t truly appreciate having such a great man to be in love with. All I can do is respect your relationship and hope that you get the sense to leave.

    Half of me is scared to death that you won’t and that your love for her is that outstanding. She is one lucky woman. It hurts to be so close to you and not be able to go any further. It hurts to feel the connection and not be able to make that connection, its a basic need that I feel deep down.

    I can say that I would appreciate you and love you unconditionally. You wouldn’t ever have to question my loyalty or support. I would love your family and you would love mine. It would be perfect…but unfortunately life is not fair. I can not have you. It tears away at my heart daily and I hope you don’t call again because I might answer and to prolong these feelings is torture, but I can’t ignore you. I love you too much to lose you.

    It really is tragic.
    The happy ending will be just to have an end to this.

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