• Why?

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    why? it’s a question i’ve asked myself everyday.

    i think back to the day we met; to the crazy night where i fell in love. from then on there wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t talk. after a couple days of talking, i realized how we could talk about anything, and how we’d never run out of anything to talk about.

    i got grounded, so it was a few weeks before we could actually see eachother. but when we went on our first date, i was the happiest i’d ever been in awhile. we hung out every chance we got, talked on the phone every night, And texted each other the whole day. we were inseparable. we had a million inside jokes and i couldn’t wait for everyone i knew to meet you.

    when you took me home, we’d stand on my porch hugging for the longest time; neither one of us wanting to ever let go.

    then one day you said you wanted a break. it hurt, but i wasn’t going to force you to stay with me if you didn’t want to. we continued to talk and act just like we did when we were dating.

    then slowly i noticed you’d stop texting me first. the phone calls stopped. hanging out stopped. it crushed me. i wouldn’t and couldn’t believe you didn’t like me anymore.

    you told me you weren’t taking me to prom two weeks before i had to buy the tickets. you were the only reaason i was excited for prom.

    finally one day you told me you had messed around with some girl at a party. it was then i realized you didn’t care about me at all anymore. and it completely broke my heart.

    after that you stopped talking to me and i was left to wonder what happened. i cried every night for weeks after that.

    it’s almost been a year since we met and i still want to know why you did that to me. i loved you so much; i would have done anything for you. i had never felt the way i did toward you to any of my past boyfriends. i thought we’d be together forever. you were my soulmate. and you threw it all away.

    i should be over it by now, but you were my first love. i’d be lying if i said i didn’t miss you, didn’t think about you…

    i still think about it; i still want to know… why?

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