• What did I do?

    by  • November 14, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Disappointment • 0 Comments

    You did exactly what you said you wouldn’t. You lied. Just like everybody else lied to me over the last 4 years. You used me. In every horrible way possible you used me, and now you have nothing to say for yourself? You and I have been best friends since we were both 12, and you have nothing to say to me? NOTHING?!?! You were the one who decided you wanted to be with me, and then you made me feel crazy. Made me feel like I was some crazy person in the end. I apologized for all that and still in the end you would use that against me because you know you were wrong and that you were going to hurt me more than any other person ever could. The sad part is that you don’t even care and that makes me feel like I’m nothing. I don’t feel like I’m anything anymore because of you, and now everybody is doing the same thing as you and I feel even more like nothing. I am nice to everybody. Make sure to never give affiance even when I’m being treated like crap. I try and be rational to everybody’s feelings but my own, I make sure every other person is happy and comfortable, and some how everybody can just pick up and leave like they never cared about me at all.

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