• One Day, I’ll Be Okay. Until Then, I’ll Write.

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    The Boy That I Think Could Make Me Believe In Love
    I know we can’t be together, because we’re already with another. So I’m going to write and write, until it all feels better.
    I think I’m going to need a blog.

    Love, Me <3

    I never understood why somebody would leave another,
    If they didn't want to.
    Why wouldn't you just stay, if that's what you would rather?
    Then I met you.

    You made the butterflies come alive,
    And being around you, made my heart pound.
    Soon, my heart, my life, everything, was thriving,
    I realized, that in you, I was drowned.

    We both knew, we would soon fall in love.
    Through no fault of our own.
    A forbidden love, thereof.
    There was no rescue from this, known.

    So I told you just being friends, simply wouldn't be enough.
    We have a connection, that would make staying apart hard.
    So before it hurts us more, and gets any more rough,
    I'm leaving you now, so you don't end up scarred.

    So now, I'm left grieving,
    And not believing,
    In true love.

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