• I wonder…

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    I wonder…
    I wonder if you notice me when I do my little “oozing confidence and sexiness”-walk…
    If you see how I try and dress better on the days I know I’ll see you
    And then how I freak out and hide if I see you on a day I hadn’t planned, and I’m not as beautiful as (I hope) I normally am…

    I wonder if you notice how I smell
    Not like in a creepy way, but sometimes I try to position myself upwind from you so my scent will drift down to you
    Because when I’m downwind from you I go woozy from your sweet scent
    It’s unique from literally anything else I’ve ever smelt

    I wonder if your spine gets all tingly and rigid, but your insides turn to a numb jelly whenever we accidentally touch hands
    Or if you think about it for hours on end
    Or if you think about whether or not it meant as much to me as it does to you

    I wonder if you and me could ever have a chance
    If I ever even showed you how I feel, if you would you feel the same
    Or if you’d be scared because a person like me and a person like you “shouldn’t be together”
    Or if you have just been been waiting for me to say something, like I’ve been waiting for you to say something
    And if you’d feel the greatest wave of relief and happiness knowing we both felt the same

    I wonder what we’d do if we both just came out and said what we felt
    I wonder if we’d start dating
    Or if it’d be a one time thing
    Or if you’d take me out in your car, put the top down, blast “our song”
    And if we’d lose track of time just talking and getting a frozen yogurt, and if at the end of the day we’d take a walk
    And when we’re walking, if you’d hesitantly move your fingers over and hold my hand

    But most of all
    I wonder if you love me
    If you can’t help but think about me
    When someone asks who you have your eye on
    When you listen to “that one song”
    When you lay awake in bed at night

    When you read this letter

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