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    dear gasoline eyes

    you said you fell for me in the first five minutes of us talking. i fell for you too honestly. i just wasn’t ready to admit it. you’re sweet and gentlemanly and chivalrous and amazing.. we met up at the mall and talked for hours about random things. it was so blissful. i felt… happy. happier than i’ve been in a long long time. then you hugged me.. let me go pulled me in again and kissed me.. i’ve never been so happy. you continued to hold my hand and kiss my cheek throughout the day.. you wrote me a poem and you complimented me constantly.. i’m really falling for you, but i can feel myself pulling away. i’m scared of being hurt anymore.. you seem so perfect.. but i’m closing myself off. please don’t give up on me.. give me time and i hope i will come around. i’m so scared you’ll abuse me like in my last relationship… besides.. you deserve someone better than me… but i’ll try my best to be better if i’m who you truly want. <3 i really am falling for you… please don’t hurt me like i’m expecting you will

    your "beautiful goddess"

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