• Dear You.

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    Dear the most beautiful girl in the world,

    I will never send this but I am writing this as a sort of release. I want you to know all this but I don’t have the strength to tell it to you. You know I still love you greatly. You know it. You use it. Well I am done being used, and I know I have said this to myself time and time again. But I mean it this time. If you want me come and get me. I ain’t chasing you anymore. Maybe you like all my text messages, maybe you don’t. I don’t know cause you don’t say anything. Well they are stopping. So is everything else. I am not going to tell you I love you. Even though I do. I am not going to send you emails because I am thinking about you. Even though I am. I am done letting you know that I want you back so badly. All because you don’t have the time of day for me. Well find it. And if you don’t then I know your answer. I hope it isn’t one I don’t like. I will never forget the last night we spent together. The way it felt to be next to you. The way it felt to kiss you. I hope that night haunts you. Because it will be the last time you had a chance of getting me back. Sucks for you. Cause you just lost me.


    The Simply Crazy Me

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